Meet Our Staff

Jason Bean

Jason has been with SteamTeam for over 10 years and has over 15 total years of experience to offer his clients. He is a proud father of 2 little boys and works hard with their mother to support his family and we are fortunate to have him aboard. He is full of useful knowledge in an array of subjects as well as having his own vast amount of useless, yet entertaining facts about things that don’t matter but are fun to talk about. We reckon we’ll keep him.

Dustin Mueller

Dustin has been with Steam Team for over 5 years and has great ambition for his future here and what he can achieve. He’s our sporadic one that runs a million miles an hour. He does smile, just not for pictures. Dustin fills our company with laughter and is constantly focused on growing and improving himself in all areas of work and life, a very admirable trait not found often anymore. You can be sure he’ll give 110% while working in your home. He’s got a beautiful wife and dog named Hank.

Kent Smithson

Kenton is our lead air duct tech and has been with SteamTeam for over 3 years now. Kent is the quiet type that focuses on his work and does it right. Polite as they come he’ll do pretty much anything asked of him, he’s got a true heart to serve. He’s cleaned hundreds of systems so there’s not much he has not seen or done in his tenure here. A true asset to the company.

Nick Moser

Nick, what can we say about nick? A lot actually, his very young look has people questioning his experience sometimes, but as usual, customers are always pleasantly surprised by the knowledge and experience he does have. Nick operates mostly in duct cleaning, but also holds the qualifications as a lead tech for carpet cleaning. Don’t let that baby face fool you, Nick began his experience in the HVAC industry in his mid teens and now in his early twenties has more experience than most men 10 years his senior. He works every opportunity he can and has a great personality. We are lucky to have him and look forward to his future here. He’s a delight to have in your home.

Lorenzo Holder

Lorenzo is beginning his career here at SteamTeam and despite his awesome work ethic, his greatest asset is that big ol’ beautiful smile he has. Everybody loves Lorenzo and his pleasant, polite, professional demeanor. His smile lights up a room but yet he is a fierce rugby player outside of work. We are proud to have him aboard and know you will find great delight in having him servicing your home.

Samantha Phelps

Samantha is our new customer service agent that could not be anymore pleasant than she already is. She’s the Queen of the SteamTeam offices and we really consider ourselves lucky to have crossed paths with this fine young lady. She likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. She’s remarkably intelligent and a wonderful asset to our company. Call her to book an appointment!

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